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WayGay.co.uk was the online home to a vibrant community of LGBTQ people posting over 100,000 messages in a support community. WayGay enjoyed significant usage and loyalty from the user base along with national recognition for its innovative peer support forums. In addition to support from university LGBT groups and the National Union of Students, WayGay was also funded by the National Lottery. Since social media has become so widely used and accepted WayGay has closed its doors.

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NHS Design System (Wales HB)

A bespoke front-end framework created for NHS software developers to give a clean, simple and consistent look across all apps they build. A documentation site was created with code snippets to help other developers implement the components. Layouts were built which worked well in browser, and across progressive web apps on mobile, tablet and desktop.

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Online Pharmacy

Jake worked as Lead Front End developer at the UK's largest online pharmacy to provide guidance and support to transform the business from using old technology to new. The company was using .net core to power it's major website serving 1 million customers per month. Jake helped introduce NextJs / REACT as the frontend framework which integrated with Storyblok and Big commerce.

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Student Portal

The Student Helpdesk was a new system introduced in 2018 to a university with 30,000 students and 4,000 staff. The aim was to provide support via an online helpdesk.\n\nThe system was a .net web app built by a supplier. But work was needed to customise the front-end and enhance the user experience. HTML, CSS and Javascript was utilised to optimise the system for the university and students.

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Clinical Portal

Doctors and nurses working on the front line in busy NHS organisations need access to lots of data which is held on multiple dedicated systems. The Patient Portal provides a modern web app experience bringing all of this information together in a single, easy to use application.

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Roundabout UK iOS and Android Mobile App

Roundabout is a location-aware mobile application that allows users to find their nearest businesses, events, charities, sports and health venues.

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Auth0 Branded Sign in

Jake has expertise in optimising and configuring Auth0 to provide a secure, seamless, user experience for sign up and sign in.

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Staff Intranet

Jake helped plan and build a huge staff intranet for a university with 3,000 staff. The intranet integrated with active directory and the preffered technology of sharepoint online.

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GOV.UK Portal

Jake has been the lead front end developer delivering a major customer-facing web application for the UK Government.

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Storyblok SDK and NextJs with Dynamic Routes

Working in a big organisation with a major market-leading UK website. Jake helped to architect and integrate a NextJs site with Storyblok, an awesome, drag and drop CMS.